The four members of 19-Twenty stand on a stage with a packed audience behind them. The crowed is cheering and excited.


Melbourne’s Spoonful are celebrated regulars across the live music scene. With their sound wholeheartedly embracing rhythm and blues, soul and rock’n roll Spoonful, featuring; brothers Andre and Kit Warhurst on guitar/vocals and drums/vocals respectively, Paul Winstanley on Bass, David Lord on Keys/Vocals/Harp, now mine their wealth of collective experience to create something that is uniquely their own and much loved by their legion of fans. 

Formed originally as a fun, party offshoot of Manic Suede in the early 90’s, Spoonful happily ticked along in the background while members concentrated their individual efforts on various related and unrelated projects. Andre fronted Silver Night Drive, accepted numerous “guitar slinger” adventures, played slide guitar on Jet’s debut record and collaborated with Chris Cheney of The Living End frontman’s solo project. Tellingly, several years ago Andre knocked back an offer of a stint in Jimmy Barnes’ band to instead “do my own thing”. (He’s still deciding if that was smart or not.) Kit is part of seminal Melbourne band Rocket Science as well as being music composer/producer for various film/TV projects and Dave played keys in The Rectifiers. Paul moonlights as a fireman so he’s often distracted by the need to save random peoples’ lives. Whatever. 

With Spoonful serving as something of a musical “home base” amid their various individual musical travels, it is probably that lack of a focused spotlight that has led to the bands remarkable longevity. Over their incredible journey, they have developed into a rusted on gem of the Melbourne music scene and are in the kind of shape most other bands can only dream of. The number of people who have witnessed a Spoonful live show over the years is nothing short of amazing. That they come back again & again is testament to the songs, the sounds, the authenticity of the bands shtick and the flat out great performances. Music fans love them. Other musicians, their contemporaries, love them too.  For Spoonful, the thrill hasn’t gone. In fact it just keeps getting better.