The four members of 19-Twenty stand on a stage with a packed audience behind them. The crowed is cheering and excited.

roger knox

One of Australia’s leading Aboriginal performers, Uncle Roger Knox is a pioneering Country musician. He has toured internationally and widely across Australia. For forty years he has been respected as a remarkable singer, performer and interpreter of other people’s songs, especially songs written by Aboriginal artists. With a treasured standing in Aboriginal communities, he has been recognised with various accolades, including his 2022 induction into the Tamworth Country Music – Galaxy of Stars.

As a Gomeroi man growing up in regional NSW, his songs reveal his early mission experiences. Reflecting his journey as a performing artist, they emerge from an era where an Aboriginal entertainer was not the norm. His songs explore complex issues of history, identity and race relations. A door-opener for younger performers, he is recognised as an Aboriginal Statesman.

Signing with Bloodshot Records in 2012 his career diverged in new & interesting ways. Collaborations with musical peers encouraged his own songwriting to flourish, telling his own stories in his own words. With a full album of original material to be released in late 2024, his repertoire encompasses new songs and old favourites. A humble and quietly spoken troubadour, he uplifts, entertains, and heals with his honeyed voice.