The four members of 19-Twenty stand on a stage with a packed audience behind them. The crowed is cheering and excited.

mau power

Mau Power is a metaphysical man on a transformational journey that simultaneously traverses his inner and outer worlds. He navigates his perceptions to create his reality. He is the first rapper to emerge from the rich musical traditions of the Torres Strait, a local leader and a lyrical storyteller at the crossroads of Indigenous and hip-hop culture. By living his life and assimilating his experiences he is able to tell the story of how these two cultures entwine and connect. Mau Power has collaborated with a plethora of acclaimed Indigenous musicians and dancers including Albert David, Archie Roach, Benny Walker, Radical Son and Jimblah to name a few. He has performed across Australia and the UK where his powerful live
performances are show-stoppers.

Mau Power is revered by the Australian government for championing the Indigenous Aboriginal culture in modern day times. The Torres Strait Islands is made up of 274 small islands that lay in the beautiful turquoise waterways that separate The Cape York Peninsula in the northern tip of Australia from Papua New Guinea. Thursday Island is approximately 4.5 square kilometers of lush tropical terrain that is still governed by Indigenous knowledge. It is a place where song and dance play an integral role in the survival of cultural traditions. For many years, the Indigenous society have been recording their culture through music and upon the advent of hip-hop in the region, Mau Power cultivated a subgenre that will record and tell the story of the Indigenous. It is the art of storytelling that embodies the connection of two cultures that makes Mau Power a truly unique Australian artist.