The four members of 19-Twenty stand on a stage with a packed audience behind them. The crowed is cheering and excited.


There is some music that could only ever be made in this country. Close your eyes and you can feel it. It is music with a restlessness of spirit. Warm like the earth but bristling with a sense of unease and tension.

It is music that can be moving as much as music you can move with. And there are few greater exponents of that almost inexplicable sound than Victoria’s Jalgany
The name Jalgany reflects her deep and complex heritage – it is simply the Yugambeh language word for Aboriginal woman.
At the heart of this outfit is Kirrae-wurrung/Bundjalung woman Nola Lauch.

“Music is everything to me, it is like family. It has kept me alive and it runs through my veins. Playing to a crowd gives me strength and a stronger belief in myself.”
That approach draws not only on her own challenging life story, but the guidance of her Uncle and inspiration, the late Archie Roach.

“Uncle Archie was just so important to me in terms of encouraging me and telling me to use my voice to tell my story, our stories,” Nola explains. “I think the songs we are writing now would make him proud.”