The four members of 19-Twenty stand on a stage with a packed audience behind them. The crowed is cheering and excited.

Arrkula Yinbayarra (feat Dr Shellie Morris AO)

Arrkula Yinbayarra, Together We Sing, is a new project from the remote Gulf of Carpentaria community of Borroloola.

This empowering community-driven project breathes new life into the critically endangered languages Yanyuwa, Garrwa, Gudanji, and Marra; driven by a group of powerful women invested in the preservation of their languages and empowerment of future generations.

Guided by language custodians, each track resonates with the vibrant history and traditions of the Gulf’s diverse community. From standing ovations at Woodford Folk Festival to feature album spots on radio stations around the continent, Arrkula Yinbayarra has garnered acclaim and accolades, captivating audiences with its harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity.

This musical journey, a harmonious blend of cultural pride and artistic expression, beckons festivalgoers to join in the celebration of resilience and heritage. Experience the powerful synergy of Arrkula Yinbayarra, where the spirit of community, language, and culture converges in a captivating performance that transcends time and resonates with the heartbeats of the Gulf’s people.

Released during the UNESCO International Decade of Indigenous Languages, this album throws a powerful spotlight on the importance of language reclamation and resilience.