The four members of 19-Twenty stand on a stage with a packed audience behind them. The crowed is cheering and excited.

teeny tiny stevies

Sisters Byll & Beth Stephen are Teeny Tiny Stevies, the ARIA award winning songwriters who make irresistible tunes for kids. Like all the best kids’ songs, they’re loved equally by parents, creating the perfect storm of wholesome, down to earth, family fun.

Their live shows work on a simple idea, a great live band is compelling no matter what age you are. They make high quality, interesting sounding music about useful and thoughtful topics. Songs that are worth getting stuck in your head! Following the success of their animated videos on ABC TV, the multi-talented duo has branched out into picture books, and their first, ‘Boss of Your Own Body’ was nominated for the Australian Picture Book of the year in 2022. Come for the crowd favourites, stay for the banter.