The four members of 19-Twenty stand on a stage with a packed audience behind them. The crowed is cheering and excited.

hundo milli

Hundo Milli is a 17-year-old indigenous Australian Hip-Hop/Pop artist based in Warrnambool, Victoria. Hundo released his debut single EATERS in 2022, and since then has performed in many venues across Australia. The single has been aired on Triple J, Coast FM 95.3 and more. 

Hip-Hop music has always been a passion for Hundo Milli and it also served as a healthy vice for Hundo to escape the harsh reality of homelessness and poverty he and his single mother were suffering from leading up to his debut release.

Hundo Milli continues to live out his purpose and elevate his career in the music industry with his upbeat and catchy melodies, complete with high production content for his growing audience.