The four members of 19-Twenty stand on a stage with a packed audience behind them. The crowed is cheering and excited.

Gamelan dananda

Gamelan DanAnda is a Balinese gamelan orchestra based in Darebin, Naarm since 2013. They mostly perform in the Gong Kebyar style, which features shimmering cascades of metallic sound, virtuosic rhythms and breathtaking crescendos.

Recently they have been taking this music to new spaces and audiences with major presentations of traditional repertoire and dance at the Geelong Arts Centre and Brunswick Music Festival, and modern collaborations with electro-jazz-fusion band Firetail, and with Oz hip hop legend Joelistics, Balinese-Australian neo-soul singer/producer Komang, including their sold-out Saudara Sound System show at OzAsia Festival 2023.

Modelled on a Balinese Sanggar, beginners and experienced players, students and professional performers come together to create a dynamic network under one roof. Their community ensemble welcomes all comers of all ages and abilities, and provides many performance opportunities throughout the year, from major festivals to community events.

“A new–and thoroughly beguiling–musical language”, “wooden hammers dancing in perfect unison or forging intricate, interlocking patterns on shimmering metallophones, bamboo xylophones, gongs and double-headed drums”. The Age.